The company launched its Set
Top Boxes, which will enable
subscribers to view TV content
and also access the Internet.
Dubbed the ‘The BigBox’, the
android powered device will
offer over 30 TV channels
including free-to-air local
The decoder is the company’s
first product since the launch
of its newly optimized 4G
network. Its uniqueness lies in
its ability to allow its
subscribers to access TV
content on High Definition
format as well as watch content
on demand through online
video services such as
The digital box offers
integrated home entertainment
solutions in that its Wi-Fi
hotspot can serve up to ten
people at a time.
“Our vision is to enable a
differentiated broadband
Internet solution that will
enable our subscribers to
harness the power of the
Internet to watch new and
exciting content from
anywhere n the world from the
comfort of their homes,”
Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore
said at the launch.
The company offers two
payment options to its
customers. The first option is
purchasing the decoder at
Sh9,999 whereby customers
will access all free-to air
channels, up to 6GB in data
bundles a month and free
YouTube access.
In the second option,
customers will part with
Sh4,999 with an additional
monthly fee of Sh999 which is
to be remitted for six months.
“Customers will be able to top
up their balance by buying
monthly bundles using their
airtime or M-PESA using their
predefined USSD and WAP
interfaces,” Collymore said.
The digital box is up against
devices such as Multichoice’s
DStv and GOTv which are key
market leaders. It will also have
a face-off with Zuku which
offer similar services that
include digital TV channels and
monthly subscription to the
Internet. Other companies that
recently joined the digital
boxes space include Radio
Africa with its Bamba TV
Safaricom said that it is
targeting an estimated 2.4
million households out of the
3.2 million households that
have access to digital television
sets but are not using any of
the boxes that are circulating
the market.
Safaricom’s head of business
development, Sylvia Mulinge,
added that the company is
working towards serving
Kenyans through as many
screens as possible, thus their
decision to launch the Set Top
Customers will be able to
purchase the Set Top Box from
all Safaricom shops
countrywide. They will also be
available in all major cities
across the country.
The firm recorded a 38 percent
increase in profit after tax in
full year results released by the
company on Thursday.

Safaricom unveils it’s debut flagship #ThaBigBox