Inconsistent speed,
connectivity issues, voice
drop problems main
reasons for 3G not taking
off In India : Study
It was never a secret that
3G has not been successful
in India. Now Ericsson has
validated the fact with its
research which states that
close to half of Indian
mobile phone users do not
find any difference, forget
about significant, between
2G and 3G connections
especially due to
inconsistent speeds.
Speed is one of the prime
factors for choosing a
Internet pack and 3G
falters on this premise
resulting in the dismal
adoption of the later
technology in the country.
These users do not see any
improvement in the data
speed even if they switch
to the 3G network, the
Ericsson survey revealed.
According to the
ConsumerLab report, 48%
of Indian smartphone users
are unable to distinguish
between 2G and 3G speeds
and thus see no advantage
in switching to a high
speed service.
The results are based on
ConsumerLab survey by
Ericsson India, which
surveyed 33 cities in India.
The study was conducted
between September 2014
and January 2015 covering
15,000 urban households
and people aged between
15 to 75 years. This sample
is estimated to represent
127 million smartphone
users in urban India. The
report also finds that 88%
of users surveyed find
mobile broadband in India
is expensive and 36% say
lack of value for money
plans by the operators a
cause they have not
subscribed to 3G.
The report also says that
most Indian smartphone
users, 60 % of them, face
network problems while
accessing internet across
“We have found
people are facing
differing mobile data
issues depending
upon location. About
63 per cent people
are facing quality and
reliability issues (like
voice drops,
connection breaks,
inconsistent speed,
no availability of 3G)
inside their house,”
says the study across
33 major cities
telecom gear maker
Major telecom providers in
India, Airtel and Idea had
said that the services will
become 6 times costlier in
event of Government of
India implementing net
neutrality across
platforms. Their threat to
increase charges falls flat
on the face of the poor
services they provide to

Most Indians Unable To Distinguish 2G From 3G Network