Microsoft is kicking the
“Project Spartan” codename to
the curb, revealing “Microsoft
Edge” as the official name of
its new web browser. Microsoft
said the name refers to being
on the edge of productivity and
consumption (though it’s
also the name of the browser’s
rendering engine).
As Microsoft announced
previously, Edge will be the
default browser in Windows 10,
while Internet Explorer will
become a legacy option for
compatibility reasons. Edge is
supposed to be lighter and
faster than Internet Explorer,
but with new features such as a
built-in notation tool, a
distraction-free reading mode,
and website information from
The browser will also support
extensions based on HTML and
Javascript. Microsoft says
developers will be able to port
their extensions from Chrome
with a few minor modifications,
and showed off examples such
as Reddit Enhancement Suite.
Why this matters: Microsoft’s
has made many attempts to
convince people that Internet
Explorer isn’t terrible, but in
the end the company has
decided to make a clean break.
Edge will be a major feature in
Windows 10, and in addition to
knowing how extensions will
work in the new browser, we
finally know what to call it.

‘Project Spartan ‘ No More: Microsoft’s New Browser Is Called Edge


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