#KENYA :Honestly Who Killed GEORGE MUCHAI?


On Saturday, Kenyans woke up to
the sad news that Kabete MP,
George Muchai, his driver and two bodyguards had been murdered in cold blood.

The former Trade Unionist was on his way home from a family
function at Galileo Lounge in
Westlands when he met his
untimely death. And as the myster surrounding Muchai’s death continues to unravel, top rated investigative reporter, Mohammed Ali, has come out to reveal the identity of those who may have killed him.
According to Moha, Muchai’s killer are well trained and their work is just to assassinate people for a good pay.

The fearless journalist alleges that Muchai’s killers are the same
people who have been killing
Imams and other suspected
members of Al Shabaab in
“Those can’t be normal thugs. The
are professional killers, well
trained. Mombasa dose is now
being applied to Nairobians.
#kenyasdeathsquad. When pple
from Mombasa complained no one listened. They were all branded
names in the name of fighting terror. Its Nairobi now! Read one of his tweets.

Moha also claims that those
involved in the death of the vocal
legislator are former members of the police service who have now formed death-squads for hire as exposed by Al-Jazeera in the infamous expose dubbed, Inside Kenya’s Death Squads.

“Watch Aljazeera’s inside Kenya’s
death squad, KTN’s inside story Ca
the executioner then u will
understand” he tweeted.
From Moha’s sentiments, it seems that Muchai’s killers once served in the police force and they are used to commit such heinous crimes.


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