Windows 10 Technical Preview now available for phones


As leaked last week, the very first
release of Windows 10 Technical
Preview for phones is now out. You
can download and install it on one
of just six smartphones that are
currently supported.
Microsoft promises more handsets
will be added to subsequent Preview
builds in the future, but for now you
can only proceed if you own a Lumia
630 , Lumia 635 , Lumia 636, Lumia
638 , Lumia 730 , or Lumia 830 .

The software giant also notes that
this is a “very early” preview, which
means many things may break or not
work right from the start. Bugs are
to be expected, and there’s a very
long list of known issues at the
Source link.

The user experience isn’t polished
yet, and you will see rough edges
here and there. Microsoft says it’s
sharing it now for you to be able to
give it feedback and help shape the
final Windows 10 release for phones.

As described in the presentation
video above, the Windows 10
Technical Preview for phones comes
with a small subset of the features
that will be in the final build. The
full-size background image for the
Start screen is in, as are more quick
actions in the Action Center, and
interactive notifications.

The speech-to-text ability of the OS
has been improved significantly, and
the more powerful Photos app will
aggregate your local photos with
those you have stored on OneDrive.
For now, Cortana will be limited to
the US and will only work with
English, which is a step back from its
functionality in the latest version of
Windows Phone 8.1. That said,
Microsoft promises that by the time
Windows 10 is finished, its virtual
assistant will be more capable than
it ever was.

Coming in future builds will be the
Office universal apps, as well as the
new Mail and Calendar apps and
Skype integrated directly into
If you own one of the
aforementioned supported devices
and wish to take Windows 10 for
phones for a spin, you need to first
join the Windows Insider Program.

Then you install the Windows
Insider app, start it up, register your
device, then check for updates. As work on Windows 10 for phones
progresses, you’ll get all the new
builds, including the final one when that’s out.


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