New York City schools are getting free access to Office 365


Now’s a pretty good time to be a
New York City schoolkid. Microsoft
has announced that all of the
city’s public school students (and
their teachers) are getting free
Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions —
if you qualify, you’ll have five
desktop and five mobile licenses
as long as you’re part of the local
educational system. Ostensibly,
the goal is to make sure that kids
won’t be “confined to the
classroom” and can finish that
big book report on any computer.

As you might gather, the
company isn’t giving away Office
purely out of the kindness of its
heart. You see, New York City
recently approved the use of
Chromebooks in schools.
Combined with existing Google
Drive use, Microsoft was faced
with a wave of young New Yorkers
that wouldn’t have to rely on
Windows or Office for classwork.

The Redmond crew is betting
that any revenue it gives up will
be repaid when those students
grow up and pay for Office to
keep using what they already


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