Galaxy Note II in line for some Lollipop goodness


The good old Samsung Galaxy
Note II, one of the best
smartphones Samsung produced
in recent years, is not done yet.
According to Samsung Poland, the
over 2 year old smartphone
which made phablets more
human and acceptable to many
will be updated to Android 5.x

“Yes, our spokesman
confirmed today during
#GZR that the Galaxy
Note 2 will receive the
update. But we have no
further information.”

The news of Samsung preparing
to update the Note II come as a
surprise as the device is way
past the traditional 18 month
support window that carriers,
manufacturers and even the
custodian of Android, Google
itself, often cite when they
decide to stop updating certain
hardware. Though we can only
cross our fingers and hope that
indeed the update will be availed
at some point, this is highly
welcome. More so when we can
still remember what happened to
the international (non-LTE
model) Galaxy S III . To its credit
though, the Galaxy Note II like
every other Note that came after
it packed killer specs and even
the current Samsung flagship, the
Galaxy S5, has 2 GB RAM,
something the 2012 Note II had
back in the day. As far as specs
go, the Note II is hard to pass by
even at this moment and since
Samsung maintains its own
Exynos chip that means it is not
beholden to anyone for binary
updates and whatnot so it ain’t a
chore to show the old guy some
love when the company is done
updating the latest high end
devices in its long Galaxy lineup.

Should the Note II get Android
5.x then it would have come a
long way as it debuted with
Android 4.1.2 and has been
updated ever since to 4.3 Jelly
Bean and 4.4 KitKat. Note that
Samsung made Note II users wait
for over a year before it provided
the first major firmware update
to the device that bumped the
version number from 4.1.2 to 4.3
Jelly Bean. Probably this late
Lollipop gift is compensation for
that period when Note II users
had to make do with outdated
firmware as others savoured the
minor upgrades provided by
Android 4.2.x?

The company has already done a
good job by availing Lollipop for
the Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, Note 4
and the sleek Galaxy Alpha and
going against expectations to
update the retired general, the
Note II, only adds more clout to
the Galaxy Note brand and the
value customers get over time.

Source: Twitter


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