Brazil used Tinder bots to promote AIDS awareness


Despite what Tinder execs say ,
everyone knows what the app’s
actually used for (hint: it’s casual
sex), which explains why the
Brazilian government
(Portuguese) has used the mobile
app to spread the word about
AIDS. It also brought Hornet, an
app aimed at gay males, into the
fold and created accounts on
each in an effort to raise
awareness for condom use.
The faux profiles were for three men and two ladies who’re pretty
open about their interest in
prophylactic-free intercourse,
and, should a Brazilian match
with any of them, they’ll
immediately get a message
warning them about the risks of
unprotected sex. Given the
country’s struggles with the
disease, hopefully it’s effective.

The campaign’s pilot program ran
from January 23rd to February 1st
(pre- Carnival season), with the
government visiting places like
bars and LGBT nightclubs to
interact with some 2,000 people.
As Brazil’s minister of health
Arthur Chioro tells it, this won’t
be the last time the government
implements something like this.
Which is good — Tinder’s flooded
with bots as is, might as well be
for some that’ll make any randy
risk-takers think before their next

As The Verge notes, however,
Tinder isn’t exactly happy about
the whole ordeal and views the
profiles as advertising. So much
so that the app’s VP of corporate
communications and branding
issued a now-deleted tweet
saying that the move violated
Tinder’s terms of service and that
the profiles would be removed.
For its part, Hornet said it’s
going to work with the Brazilian
government to improve the


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