UK government promises free WiFi on trains by 2017


Sure, large parts of the UK are
now blanketed with fast and
reliable mobile service, but you
always know that when you jump
on a train you’re going to hit
some rough patches.The
government knows that this
particular struggle is real, so it’s
investing almost £50 million to
take some of the strain off your
provider by rolling out free WiFi
across the UK’s major rail
networks. Rail Minister Claire
Perry announced today that the
government is already in talks
with train operators, including
Thameslink, Southern and Great
Northern (TSGN), Southeastern,
Chiltern and Arriva Trains Wales,
about incorporating connectivity
into their carriages from 2017.

While we’re looking at a two-year
wait until all of those networks
get connected, some operators
are installing equipment as soon
as possible — useful if you’re
keen to catch up on BBC iPlayer
during your daily commute.

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