Twitter buys an agency that turns social networkers into ad stars


Twitter thrives on celebrities with
legions of followers, and it just
took a big step toward making a
pile of money from those big
names. The company has bought
Niche, an agency that links social
media stars like Zach King
(above) to advertisers who want
to capitalize on their popularity.

Twitter isn’t being specific about
its plans, but it’s not hard to
figure out what comes next — the
service now has an easier way to
get your favorite Twitter and Vine
celebs into ads, raising the
chances that you’ll notice promo
pieces in your feed. It’s hard to
tell if this will work, but Twitter
may feel that there isn’t much
choice. It isn’t having a great
time scoring new users , so it
might as well get more ad
revenue from the people who are sticking around.


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