Smartphone ‘kill switches’ are reducing thefts in big cities

See that shiny flagship phone
dangling from the stranger’s back
pocket? You should think twice
about trying to grab it, not only
because it’s a terrible thing to
do, but also because it probably
won’t do you any good. By the
time you’ve hot-footed it to the
pawn shop to hawk your ill-
gotten wares, it’s increasingly
likely that the phone will have
been deactivated by a
smartphone kill switch . The
campaign, launched by San
Francisco’s George Gascón and
Eric Schneiderman way back in
2013 appears to have been a
success, helping to remove the
perils of tweeting on dark city

According to Reuters , smartphone
thefts have plummeted ever since
lawmakers began pressuring
companies to include anti-theft
measures in their devices. The
stats claim that in the first year
after he feature was introduced,
incidents fell by 40 percent in
San Francisco and 25 percent in
New York. Technology-loving
britons can also roam the streets
a little easier, since London is
boasting a 50 percent drop in
thefts over the same period.

The three cities are likely to
make a statement later today
taking the lion’s share of the
credit for the work. It’s likely
that the group will announce
that Microsoft is likely to include
a kill switch inside Windows 10
when it lands later this year.


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