Rapidshare is shutting down next month


If you’ve been a long time user
of the web and everything that
comes with it then you must
have used Rapidshare at one
point or the other. That was back
in the day when the banned
Megaupload and the likes of
Hotfile, 4Shared and Mediafire
were the kings of file sharing
online. Long before startups like
Dropbox and Box and big
corporations like Google, Apple
and Microsoft crept to the scene.
Sadly, like everything else that
has been rendered almost
irrelevant by the web’s dynamic
nature and its unforgiving users,
Rapidshare is going away for
good in a month’s time.

Cornered by a mix of complying
with law enforcers and turning
its back on users by being
strongly anti-pirate, the once
popular file sharing site is
nothing like it was back in the
day. However, unlike its
contemporaries like Kim
Dotcom’s Megaupload (seized
forcefully by the FBI and forced
offline) and Hotfile (shut down
voluntarily after settling over $80
million for copyright violations),
it is going under still with some
respect intact. Users have until
April 31st to transfer any
valuable data they still have
stashed in Rapidshare’s remote
servers before it disappears for

The rise of multimedia streaming
services has made it easy to
access music, movies and TV
shows through legal means for
customers willing to pay content
creators while at the same time
decimating the need to stash the
same in file sharing sites and
cyber lockers all over the web.
Anti-piracy measures have also
served to alienate sites that were
once popular from their clientele
as they move to competing
services where they can have
their way.


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