Slimger: a slim portable battery that fits in a wallet


Slimger is bid as being
a bit larger than a
credit card, and it
features an integrated
charging cable that
removes the need to
carry around a separate
cord. The Slimger-u
model is being offered
with micro USB for
related devices, and
there’s also a Slimger-i
model for the iPhone 5
and higher.

The unit itself measures
in at 92mm x 66mm x
4.8mm, and weighs 1.9
ounces. The case is
made from anodized
aluminum, and the
battery has a capacity
of 1,400mAh. It takes a
little over an hour to
fully charge the Slimger,
and half an hour to
charge the iPhone 6,
according to the

The device is being
offered in five colors:
black, white, blue, pink,
and yellow. The
Indiegogo campaign was
successfully funded,
and still allows for “pre-
orders” ahead of the
shipping plans. A
pledge of $54 USD will
get you two Slimgers in
whatever color you’d

SOURCE: Indiegogo

Brittany Hillen


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