This Art Project Turns The World’s Tweets Into A Clock


Don’t look at the clock. Do you
know what time it is?
Twitter sure as heck does. Turns
out, people love to tweet about the
time. So why not turn the Twitter
firehose into a massive,
crowdsourced clock?

That’s the thinking behind built by Dutch tech-
meets-art studio Moniker for an
ongoing exhibit at the Van
Abbemuseum , the clock pulls a
different tweet directly related to
the current time (based on your
system clock, for international
compatibility) every few seconds.
I’ve been watching the tweets flash
by for a few hours, and here’s what
I’ve learned:

At around noon, people like to
tweet that they’re still in bed
At around three pm, people like
to start complaining about
being hungry or bored
24 hours a day, people like to
tweet about being high and/or


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