10 Things In Tech You Need To Know Today


Here’s the
tech news you need to know to
make your day.

1. San Francisco and Los
Angeles are suing Uber. They
say that the company isn’t
doing enough to protect

2. The Pirate Bay is down
after police raided its
servers in Sweden. Police
took servers and computers
from a server room in

3. The boss of Amazon’s
publishing division is
leaving after a year in the
job. Daphne Durham was at
the company for 15 years.

4. Apple is building a huge
research and development
center in Japan. A formal
announcement is expected

5. SoundCloud is raising
money at a $1.2 billion
valuation. The company is
reportedly looking to raise
$150 million.

6. iPod Classics are being
sold for huge sums of
money. Apple has stopped
selling the devices, so people
are turning to secondhand

7. New emails revealed in
the Sony hack show a heated
exchange over the Steve Jobs
movie. Hackers have
published a trove of emails

8. HTC is releasing a new
wearable device – and it’s
not a watch. It’s going to be
revealed early next year.

9. Microsoft billionaire Paul
Allen is donating $100
million to help investigate
human cells. The goal of the
research is to find out how
diseases emerge.

10. Apple is starting to
recruit employees with a
knowledge of fashion to help
it sell the Apple Watch. It
wants people with a
background in fashion to come
and work in Apple stores.


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