Google Street View adds its first Arab city: Dubai


Back in February, it was
revealed Dubai would
be the first city in an
Arab country to be
featured on Google
Street View, though no
launch date was
provided at the time.
As it turns out, that
day was yesterday, and
users can now take a
virtual tour of the city
using Street View. This
launch was preceded by
Google taking its
cameras up Dubai’s
towering Burj Khalifa
skyscraper, something
that was likewise its
own first for both
Google and Dubai.

Google announced the
new addition to Street
View on Monday,
pointing out major
landmarks visitors can
now see through the
service. Among them is
the Sheikh Zayed Road,
which is the longest
road in the Emirates
sitting near the
coastline (featured
above). It gives a solid
look at the towering
buildings that dot
Dubai’s landscape.
Those interested in the
booming city can also
check out a look at the
Dubai Mall and
surrounding regions
and landmarks. Google
also took its cars
through Deira, where
users can take a virtual
tour of the markets and
smaller classic

Rounding out the more
notable locations is
Dubai Creek, which is
shown in glimpses from
the road. This is only
one of Google’s recent
Street View efforts. Back
in October, the Internet
giant used a camel to
take a camera into the
Liwa Desert, also
located in the United
Arab Emirates.

SOURCE: Google


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