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EML Search is a search
engine website which has
ability to bring multiple
search engines results at
single spot. It has been
designed to provide variety
and relevancy of web or
image results to the users
from three top rated search
engines those are Google ,
Yahoo and Bing

The idea is to facilitate the
users for their extra ordinary
search requirements like for
researchers, scientists,
engineers, doctors, students,
software engineers, biologists,
artists, actors, celebs and
people from all walk of life to
have more multiplicity of
results on a single web
browser page. It lets users
select instantly what they
exactly need to see, most
accurate from all the
available results on internet.
It saves the time and effort!

EMLSearch also has a great
feature which allows the
users to email the multiple
engines results to themselves
or to any other person along
with the details like search
keyword, date and time of
search, search type and etc.
so that the user can easily
keep that particular results
with him for future reference
or remembering.

For example: If a user who is
searching through this site is
using a public computer or
anyone else and has found
the appropriate results, he
can email those results to
himself to research on it later
either its web results or
image results. It’s all about
one click!

The site has social media
channels too, below are their

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emlsearch

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emlsearch

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eml.web.search

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Emlsearch-multi-search-engine

To facilitate from this
product, just visit
http://www.emlsearch.com and
make your life more easy, fast
and convenient for FREE!

Thank you.


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