#WedPics, A Photo-Sharing App For Weddings, Raises $4.25 Million Series B


Can a mobile, social application
bloom outside the Valley or other
traditional tech hotspots? Raleigh,
North Carolina-based WedPics has
proven it can. The company, which
makes a photo and video-sharing
app for wedding couples and their
guests, has now closed on $4.25
million in Series B funding led by
Bullpen Capital, and is working
on a second close that will see TV’s
“Shark Tank” investor Barbara
Corcoran participating via her new
AngelList syndicate.

Participating in the round so far
were OCA Ventures , Venture51,
IDEA Fund Partners, Great Oaks ,
and angels including Adam Draper ,
Semil Shah , Jocelyn Goldfein, and
others. Corcoran’s AngelList
syndicate, launching on Monday,
has asked for a $250,000 hold.
Along with other investors, the
startup is expecting to raise a total
of $5 million for its Series B when
fully closed.
WedPics is not the only company to
offer a weddings-focused, photo-
sharing app. Others in the same
space include Eversnap, Capsule,
and Wedding Party, to name just a
few. But the startup has
figured out something when it
comes to user acquisition, and isn’t
shy about sharing its figures.
Today, the company is acquiring
25,000-30,000 new brides per
month, and is acquiring weddings
at a cost of under $2 per wedding.
(David’s Bridal, a big retailer in the
space, acquires weddings for
around $60/each, to give you an

According to co-founder and CEO
Justin Miller, WedPics was hosting
over 6,000 weddings per weekend
during this summer, with 175,000
guests joining and users uploading
a photo every second. To date,
400,000 couples have signed up for
the service, and the company has
reached 2.5 million users – brides,
grooms and guests combined.
Across all its metrics, growth has
been up by over 200%, Miller says.

Because WedPics has an audience
whose time spent using its service
is ultimately finite, those that do
end up downloading the app and
participating are highly engaged.
Over half of WedPics’ users upload
at least one photo, and of that 55%,
76% upload at least three photos.
The app’s popularity has a lot to
do with its simplicity, and these
days, its name-recognition and
trust factor. Couples, and brides in
particular, tend to sign up a good
half a year or more before their big
day and begin documenting other
wedding-related events, like
fittings, shopping trips, showers,
and other pre-wedding parties.
More recently, WedPics has
expanded to include options for
couples to share their
accommodations and registries, too.

And it’s now generating revenue
through print services that let
couples order tabletop cards
promoting the app, as well as an
option to order photo prints. On
that latter front, WedPics is selling
around 20,000 prints per week at
The company also has an
international footprint, despite not
having localized its app. Today, it
has 15% of the U.S. market, one-
third of the U.K., a quarter of
Australia, and a presence in 188

Going forward, WedPics will be
using the funding to ramp up its
user acquisition efforts which are
largely done through social media,
and today, mainly Facebook. It’s
about to start using Pinterest’s
Promoted Pins ad product soon,
and is looking into Tumblr as well.

The 16-person team is growing, too,
with plans to hire mobile and web
developers along with marketing.
Next year, the company may also
begin exploring the question about
what comes next after weddings.
“We built WedPics with that
understanding that there was a
possible huge opportunity with a
generic events app, but we decided
to tackle it with weddings first,”
says Miller. But he says they’re
seriously looking into this
secondary app in 2015. “We’re
hashing out what that looks like.”
What it probably looks like,
though? Baby showers and birthday
parties, we expect.


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