#Nanoport magnets turn your smartphones into a tablet


The Nanoport magnetic
connector is ready to
connect your
smartphone to another
smartphone to make
them both into one big
tablet. The folks at
Nano Magnetics have a
patent pending
magnetic connector
technology – Nanoport –
that’ll be shown off for
the first time with a
2015. They brought a
mock-up to the
Consumer Electronics
Show in 2014, in 2015
they say they’ve got the
real deal ready to roll
for Las Vegas in
January. Complete with
not only magnetic
connections to keep
your devices stuck
together, but to transfer
data back and forth as

Imagine you’ve got a
collection of old
smartphones sitting in
a drawer in your desk.
Not everyone has this
first-world problem, but
some do. Now imagine
you have the ability to
turn the lot of these
device into one, big

Nano Magnetics
suggests that their
technology will also
allow you to connect –
with their magnets –
phones, battery packs,
speakers, and cameras,
all together to create

Nanoport is said to be
able to “securely and
quickly transfer data
and power” between
devices without physical
cords or any additional
hardware or software

The team at Nano
Magnetics are confident
enough in their product
as it exists today that
they’re set to announce
a developer kit for
hardware manufacturers
and app developers to
customize external
elements for Nanoport

Sound interesting
enough to have a peek?
They’ll be at CES 2015
in Las Vegas from
January 6th to the 9th,
and we’ll be there too!
Stick around our CES
2015 tag portal for


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