New ‘Device Assist’ app helps you with all things Android


Do you even know
what’s going on with
Android? If you’re a
new user, probably not.

There are a lot of subtle
tips and tricks for
getting the most out of
your Android handset,
and Google is finally
acknowledging it’s not
easy to know what those
are. A new app, Device
Assist, has landed on
the Play Store today,
and helps users
discover all the neat
little ways they can
make their device last
longer and provide the
info they want. Well, so
long as you have a
Google-y android
handset, that is.

The app is available
only for Nexus and
Google Play edition
handsets stateside, and
will be made available
for Android One
handsets outside of the
US. The inclusion of
Android One proves
Google is dedicated to
the emerging markets
they’re entering, and
don’t want users to get
confused or annoyed
with a new operating
system (new to them, at

The app will feed users
“proactive help” with
detected issues like
connectivity, battery
woes, or GPS failures.
Nexus and Google Play
edition devices will get
“easy access to live
Google support”. Tips
and tricks to improve
the performance of your
device are also going to
come up now and then,

The app looks pretty
basic, in so much that
you’re being fed pretty
generic tips about how
to quickly charge your
device or what Google
Now is all about. It’s
reminiscent of Apple’s
Tips app they included
with iOS 8; it’s just a
little more insightful.

Source: Google Play


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