After 11 days of wait finally Yahoo mail users can log into their Accounts


Yahoo Mail service is back
online after massive outage
for 11 days due to a undersea
cable cut which caused the
service to go slow
and inaccessible for many
users around the globe.

The outage which ended
earlier today after 11 days of
long wait which would have
caused several of its users to
switch to Google’s Gmail,
Microsoft’s Outlook or other
services while many others
users who were locked down
from accessing Yahoo! Mail
to check important mails
were seen venting out their
frustration on social media
sites like Twitter and Facebook. I tried to assist my friend Rono from Murhanda,  Kakamega access his account three days ago and noticed the technicality and thereafter launched a complain via mail to the Yahoo Company. In a rejoinder they promised to address the issue in due time.

The company spokesman later said  that  “The
underwater fiber cable has
been repaired and Yahoo
Mail performance has
returned to normal levels.”

The undersea cable which
Yahoo said was cut by a third
party while fixing a separate
cable caused the outage,
however Yahoo’s Engineering
team tried to reroute the
email traffic but that did not
helped much.

Anyway, Yahoo Mail is up
now and 11 days older emails
can still stand useful.


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