We seem to think that rape and
abuse have correlates: that it
only happens to the poor, the
weak or women and girls who
were “asking for it”. We tell
women that they “allow”
themselves get “stuck” in abusive
relationships. In short, society
tells millions of people who have
been abused that, that they are
to blame, and that it is a dark
and dirty secret that they should
never confront.

Nothing changes until it’s
understood and nothing is
understood until it is out in the
open. Talk about GBV, don’t let
the topic remain a passing
complaint about this ‘far away’
danger. Stop the victim-blaming
and start showing the world that
the wrong people have been
ashamed all this time. The best
way to change the world is to
change people’s minds. Activism
implies action and action starts
with conversation. Don’t leave it
up to the poets, the activists and
most certainly not the
politicians. Educate yourself, your
friends and family. That is the
best of its kind— an everyday

The international campaign 16
Days of Activism Against Gender
Violence runs until 10 December,
Human Rights Day, and hopes to
raise awareness about gender-
based violence as a human rights
issue at the local, national,
regional and international level.


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