Airtel launches its first 4G service in Africa


Airtel has launched first 4G
services in Seychelles the
service on a state-of-the-art
network based on FD-LTE,
amongst the first countries
in sub Saharan Africa to
commercially deploy this
cutting edge technology.

The infrastructure is a new,
nationwide LTE (Long Term
Evolution) 800 MHz network,
which will more than meet
the growing customer
demand for mobile
broadband services, whilst
delivering superior network
performance. The network is
expected to cover 10,000
LTE subscribers in the first
phase and will greatly
enhance connectivity giving
Airtel’s customers an
improved smartphone
experience, with faster web
browsing, downloads and
improved quality of service.

The deployment of the next
generation mobile network
across the Seychelles will
enable an enhanced mobile
experience and reliable
services; and will facilitate
new and exciting
opportunities for
businesses, the society and
the people in the country.

The move is therefore a
major milestone for
sychelles and Airtel in Africa
already having the
continent’s widest 3G
footprint, being present in
17 countries.

This is Airtel’s first
commercial LTE network in
Africa. Besides offering rich
content, Airtel’s 4G will
allow superfast access to
High Definition (HD) video
streaming, multiple
chatting, instant uploading
of photos and much more.


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