Developing: Facebook And Safaricom Clash Over Free #Facebook With #Airtel


Facebook and Airtel partnered
sometime back to get more users
access the internet for free on
mobile. The plan is to get some
sites accessible to mobile users
without needing data access. This
is currently a plan between
Airtel and Facebook that also
involves other players as service
providers. For one to get access
to the internet-free Facebook
among other sites, one needs to
have an Airtel line.

But that’s not the problem.

Facebook is now advertising on
their site for all and sundry and
this is where things get thick.
Safaricom is not pleased with the
move where Facebook is
targeting Safaricom users on
their user profiles with a
message that they should get an
Airtel SIM card if they want to
access Facebook with no data.
Safaricom has allegedly asked
Facebook to remove the ads from
Safaricom user profiles as they
consider that hostile advertising.

As much as Facebook is
partnering with Airtel, Safaricom
is quite big on Facebook ad has
worked with them on projects
previously including promoting
posts on Facebook.

We are reaching out to Airtel to
see what they think about this
and will update you should we
have any updates


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