#SamsungGalaxyA5 Now Selling In China For $420

Samsung launched the Galaxy A5
and Galaxy A3 as part of a new
product line-up that was to mark
the beginning of metal as part f
design elements in Samsung
smartphones. The first metallic
phone was the Galaxy Alpha
which is on sale in some
markets, and was essentially a
dip stick before Samsung gets
more metal onto their phones.

Samsung then launched the two,
Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 which
have a slight difference with
Galaxy Alpha in that unlike all
other Samsung phones, these two
do not have a removable back

Galaxy A5 has a metal frame that
makes for the major design
element and a non-removable
back. SIM slots and microSD slots
are on the side accessible via SIM

The Galaxy Alpha is now on sale
in China at a 2,5999 CNY or $420.
This in no way means that the
automatic price in other markets
is going to be $420 but is a rough
guide as to what to expect when
it hits other markets. It wont be
surprising to make it to the
Christmas shopping list in many
countries where it will sell.

Target market is the more
aspirational youth that wants a
good looking phone while at the
same time ensuring that they can
afford it.

Galaxy A5 is a 5 inch HD Super
AMOLED display device with a
1.2 GHz Quad Core processor,
16GB internal memory
expandable to 64GB via microSD,
2GB RAM, 13MP rear camera and
a 5MP front camera. The battery
is 2300 mAh and comes running
Android 4.4 KitKat out of the
box. See here for the full specs


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