Phone habits that are detrimental to your health


How possible is it every
time you drop your head to
text a tangible chunk of
years is cut out off your life
expectancy? The answer is
probably possible but the
seriousness of the matter
has never hit you so hard
and really, a second’s
activity cannot have that
great an effect right?
Well, in an era where
smartphones have recorded
a huge usability and now a
must have gadget almost a
requirement to live for
many,  texting and internet
usage is no longer a teen-
thing we have all gotten to
the danger bracket. Yes,
hyper-gadget use will be
the death of most of us and
this is well known to many
but what we probably don’t
know is that it begins with
an activity as easy as
texting. The level at which
your life is at risk is

Sleeping with your phone

Today bedtime has been
converted  to be the day’s
sum-up time and actually
there is nothing wrong with
that because everyone is
up for that geek feel even
though you are checking
out social media posts and
all the irrelevant stuff that
come with the internet. May
it be replying to mails,
closing deals online or even
getting in touch with family
and friends that is not
reason enough to jeopardize
your health.

It must be fun and exciting
keeping tabs on current
affairs, listen to music, and
at the same time chat with
friends lying in bed and
more so with your lights
switched off. It sure feels
nice but do you ever think
for a moment how much
damage that causes to your
health? Here are some of
the possible damages you
never thought of;

Waking up to a blaze

Yes, I mean fire. Who
thought you could wake up
to fire caused by your
phone just by sleeping next
to it? Well, I thought so. If
you are keen with gadgets
once purchased, the manual
warns against a lot of things
that we maybe find petty
and obvious to always point
out to have the manual stay
relevant. Get it right from
me; your ignorance will be
the death of you even
before your gadget is. When
a manufacturer warns
against use of incompatible
cell phone batteries and
chargers and also notes that
there’s a risk of a fire if the
gadget is covered by
bedding or other thick
material, be sure they are
not bluffing.


The most probable reason
of taking your phone or
computer to bed with you is
to kill time until you can
fall asleep. Well, thanks for
playing a big joke on
yourself. Gadgets with LED
screens which vary from
phones, tablets, computers
and TVs produce a blue
light one that can inhibit
the production of the sleep-
inducing hormone
melatonin hence lack of
sleep. Your brain in this
case does not register time
to sleep which is the
definite reason that makes
you stay awake for too long.
So, the next time you seem
not to get yourself to
slumber, your phone owes
you. However, many may
argue and justify how dizzy
they get and sleep off
holding their phones or
even amid a chat. That
does not prove the fact that
the blue light interferes
wrong. It is a whole new
theory blamed on
electromagnetic energy from
sources such as mobiles or
wi-fi. It is not good for your
health either.

High risk of cancer

Back to electromagnetic
radiation. However, this is
not proven but there are
high chances that the
omission of the
electromagnetic waves
which are
synchronized oscillations of electric and
magnetic fields that
propagate at the speed of
light are hazardous.

Chances of cancer mostly
come in if there is an
electro-magnetic field
involved which in this case
could apply if your gadget
is plugged into the mains.

This could be giving a more
intense field. Enough of the
scientific doctrines;
remember not to provide
the platform for cancer risks
by charging your phone and
also sleeping next to it.

Other dangers

you might not know but
texting a lot compromises
your posture in a way you
would not know. This is
why; the hunching posture
adopted by phone or tablet
users can cause breathing
problems, leading to
cardiovascular issues later
in life and a higher risk of
death in older age.
Forward leaning postures
that people use while
texting, going online,
sending emails and playing
video games is associated
with pulmonary disease and
cardiovascular problems.

We are now talking your
heart. Once you drop your
head to text, it is harder to
take a full breath because
of the restriction to their
muscles. Also, the ribs
cannot move properly so
the heart and lungs cannot
function to their full
effectiveness. This might go
unnoticed to many and may
not seem as serious to your
future health.

On a lighter note, too much
texting also has a lot of
implications on your
conversations and too much
of texting makes it hard for
you to sustain one on one
conversation. Many people
today suffer from lack of
non-verbal cues and
gestures that help
conversation flow in face-to-
face meetings.


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