The #Wiko Phone: Taking Budget Phoning to a whole new level


Based in the charming city
of Marseille, the French
budget phone firm Wiko, is
clearly taking the
Smartphone world by storm,
that in mind especially
when you consider the
brilliant brand names for its
phones. With such queer
names surfing the mouths
of enthusiasts at the Mobile
World Congress, the
Smartphone Company had
gathered quite a crowd,
prominently displaying its
Heaven and Hell line of
phones. Asked the reason
for the unconventional
names, the firm springs to
answer that its approach is
a function of wanting to
stay relevant, cultivating
hype and a sense of
panache to appeal to
youthful cohorts that ride
the 18-30 age bus. A
laudable strategy if I must
say so. I would certainly
buy the phone just because
of the name, leave alone
the specs therein.
Heaven Line of

The Heaven line as you may
have accurately guessed
represents the high-end
product versions. The
Highway (if that name does
not get you plying the get-
road, then I do not know
what will) is a well-
constructed, glass-clad
Smartphone possessed of a
mighty octa-core processor
and a five-inch 1080p
display. With a 16-
megapixel rear-facing
camera and an 8.1 front-
facing camera, the Highway
will have you capturing
high quality montages to
make Leonardo da Vinci
jealous! The Heaven
assembly of Wiko products
is as defined by its high-
end features as it is by its
lighter, more playful

Hell Line of Smartphone:

The Hell line of product will
also have you shivering.
With display phrases such
as “pure evil” scribed onto
the display pedestal at the
Congress, it is abundantly
clear that Wiko was going
for edginess over
functionality. One of the
products is the Darkside
Hell (eerie music playing), a
5.7-inch phablet cloaked in
dark aluminum and
powered by a rather modes
quad processor. Not quite
impressive when you
consider the details, but
Wiko gets points for the
pure marketing gall, three
cheers for Wiko, if only you
could add more to the
phone, you’d have the sales
out of your shoe! The Hell
series currently has three
products, first the above-
mentioned, the Wiko
Darkmoon which is a 4.7?
Smartphone, and finally the
Darknight which straddles
in the middle ground
between its two siblings
with a 5?, 720p display. The
Gorilla Glass display really
is one area where the Wiko
Darknight excels.

A Study in color:

The True Color Line or Cink
of Wiko’s products stoke the
most interest in terms of
technicality. Wiko’s Wax
Smartphone is the first
Smartphone to use Nvidia’s
low cost Tegra 4i SoC, which
integrates an Nvidia i500
LTE modem. It’s a mid-
range device and seems to
opertate on Android Jelly
Bean, providing a 4.7 inch
display 720p display and an
8MP posterior camera. With
regard to the 4i chipset, the
features are a 4+1 CPU
cores clocked at up to 2.3
GHz, and a 60-core GPU.
Word is, it can bring “up to
2 times higher performance
than competing phone

The cheapest Wiko
smartphone is the Wiko
Ozzy, which comes with a
3.5-inch screen, a 2MP
megapixel and runs on
Android Jelly Bean 4.2.
Coming in a spectrum of
five colors, it retails at 70
Euros, the equivalent of 60
pounds (currency
adjustments applicable).
The Wiko Darknight is
touted as the best Dual Sim
5 –inch Smartphone on the
market as we speak.
Specifications include:

5″IPS TFT Multi-
touch Display
(Gorilla Glass)
• 1280 x 720
• MediaTek Quad-
core 1.2GHz Cortex
• 8GB of Internal
Storage (microSD up
to 32GB)
• Dual SIM
• 8MP Rear Camera
with LED Flash and
BSI Sensor
• 2MP Front
Bluetooth, WiFi g/n
• 144mm x 74mm x
• 570 grams
• 2,000mAh
• Android 4.2.1
Jelly Bean

The IPS screen is vibrant
and crisp, with an excellent
multi-touch experience, but
in order to be competitive,
Wiko have opted for the
more affordable MediaTek
processor platform coupled
with a relatively paltry 1GB
of RAM. Nevertheless, the
general feeling is that the
Wiko Darknight punches
well above its weight. The
Dual SIM feature is also
something we’re prancy
about to see and makes it a
great option when traveling,
plus the overall build
quality is solid due to the
aluminum encasing design.
Wiko was founded in 2011
in partnership with Tinno
Mobile Technology in
Shenzen China. Tinno owns
95%; Wiko just focuses on
marketing, sales and after-
sales with a compact team
of 60 employees. Wiko, in a
very short span of time has
been established as one of
the leading non-operator
mobile devices retailers.
Wiko now claims guard on
30 percent of all Internet
Smartphones, and more
than 10% of all non-carrier
sales. Last year, nearly 7
per cent of French first-time
Smartphone buyers bought
a Wiko phone.

If you are taken by names
like me and smitten by
wanderlust, perhaps you
might fancy a Wiko phone.


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