Ear-O-Smart fitness tracker is a stylish pair of earrings


Now that wearable devices are solidly in the public eye, more makers are coming out
with stylish options that can be worn without the device drawing attention to itself,
unlike many wearables on the market. We’ve seen wearable jewelry in the past, and
latest in that category is the oddly named “Ear-o-Smart”, a fitness tracker that comes
in the form of unassuming studded earrings. Ear-o-Smart is the brainchild of
BioSensive Technologies, a Canadian company, and is decidedly targeted at women
with three different styles.

BioSensive is hailing the Ear-o-Smart as the first fashionable smart earring, and with
it comes the same abilities found on many wristbands: calorie counting, heart rate
monitoring, and tracking activity levels. Says the maker, the ear is a better place to
track one’s heart rate rather than the wrist.

Ear-o-Smart features Bluetooth 4.0 to pipe data off to the user’s smartphone. Battery
life is still a work in progress — right now the earrings use a 1225 coin cell battery,
with BioSensive saying it is looking at both wireless and USB charging and a battery
life of 8+ hours.

Ear-o-Smart is being funded through Kickstarter, where the maker is seeking $30,000
CAD to fund production and other things. Thus far about $2,200 CAD has been
raised, and 43 days remain in the campaign. You’ll need to pledge at least $125 CAD
to get a pair, which ship in June 2015.


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