#StarWars7 highlights to set celebration 2015


The Star Wars
Celebration image you
see above was given to
the LA Times for a first
look. What you’re
seeing is the first full
poster for the event –
the “official poster”
that’ll hang over the
entire event the
duration of the event.
Mary Franklin, senior
events and fan relations
lead for Lucasfilm spoke
with the paper,
suggesting that they
were “way ahead with
ticket sales from where
we usually are this far
Franklin went on to
suggest that she “feel(s)
safe saying this is going
to be the biggest one
Tap the image above for
a full-sized version
suitable for wallpaper
This event will be
hosted by James Arnold
Taylor. He’s also known
as a voice actor, doing
the voices for Obi-Wan
Kenobi in Star Wars:
Clone Wars, The Clone
Wars, and Rebels. He’s
also the current voice of
Fred Flinstone and
Ratchet from Ratchet
and Clank.


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