The Man Who HEARS Wi-Fi! OMG! This DEAF man uses his hearing aid to listen to invisible networks


Frank Swain, a
journalist in
London, began losing his
hearing at 20
In an art project, he created
a tool that allowed him to
hear Wi-Fi sounds
Sound of each network is
heard originating from the
router’s location
It produces clicks whose
frequency rises with the
signal strength
He has created a map that
shows what the internet
sounds like in central
London, on a route around
BBC Broadcasting House
When Frank Swain began losing his
hearing at 20, he decided he would
use his new reliance on technology
to hear something others couldn’t:
the sound of Wi-Fi.


The London-based writer teamed
up with sound designer Daniel
Jones to build a tool that
translates Wi-Fi networks into
sounds that could be picked up
through his hearing aids.
Now, Mr Swain has created a map
and audio file that reveal what the
internet sounds like, during his
walk around BBC Broadcasting
House in central London.


AUTHOR: Ambuli Victor.


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