SpaceX , Elon Musk’s startup, is
committed to bringing space travel
to the masses. Now Musk has also
confirmed on Twitter that SpaceX is
working on a fleet of “advanced
micro-satellites operating in large
formations,” which will be officially
announced in two to three months.
The micro-satellites will be used to
enable unfettered and “very low
cost” Internet access.
Musk’s tweets were in response to a
WSJ story published several days ago
, which said that SpaceX is looking
at ways to develop small and
inexpensive satellites that can
enable Internet access around the
world. The report said that Musk is
working with former Google Inc.
executive Greg Wyler, who founded
WorldVu Satellites, on the project.
The article also stated that SpaceX is
considering launching about 700
satellites, each weighing less than
250 pounds, or half the size of the
smallest communications satellites
currently used. The fleet would also
be 10 times bigger than the largest
current fleet, managed by Iridium
As a caveat, Musk stated that the
WSJ story made several errors,
though he didn’t say what they


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