If you don’t remember or haven’t
heard of the name “Saygus” at all,
you cannot be blamed. The company
had a short but somewhat
glamorous stint in the smartphone
market way back in 2009 with its first
Vphone, appropriately called the V1.
But then it suddenly vanished and
no one heard from it again. That is,
until today. Founder Chad Sayers
has published an open letter to the
company’s investors, laying out
plans for the next Vphone, with
feature that sound even more
ambitious than its stillborn
Back in the days, the Vphone V1 was
already quite the hot item. It was
one of the few smartphones in the
market that offered a slideout
QWERTY keyboard. But more than
that, it boasted of two-way video
calling at a time when such a thing
was still unheard of. But delays
became the death of the V1 and its
specs eventually became outdated
and the phone vanished into
obscurity. But while the company is
still trying to pick up the pieces, it
isn’t letting its past errors get in the
way of its ambitions.
At first glance, the new Vphone,
rumored to have a “V-squared” (V2)
moniker, sounds like any high end
smartphone these days: a 2.5 GHz
quad-core processor, presumably a
Snapdragon 801, 64 GB of storage, a
5-inch Full HD screen. But that isn’t
even just the tip of the iceberg.
The new Vphone will have 3D audio
by Harman Kardon. It will utilize
Wireless HD streaming technology
from Silicon Image. The undisclosed
camera will have the much-coveted
Optical Image Stabilization, and a
dedicated shutter button to boot.
The battery will support Qi wireless
charging. But not only that, thanks
to some unnamed new battery
saving technology, the normal 3,100
mAh capacity can actually deliver
4,500 mAh. There is also supposedly
a biometric sensor of some sort on
one of the edges, not the back or
front of the device. And it only uses
2 microphones to implement noise
cancellation. No QWERTY keyboard
this time though.
If this all sounds too good to be
true, there’s a chance it actually
might be and previous followers of
Saygus can’t be blamed for taking a
more cautionary approach to the
company’s promises. The
smartphone landscape has changed
considerably during the time that
Saygus was MIA and the competition
is more aggressive. The company
simply cannot afford to delay their
promised next gen Vphone if they
plan on leaving a lasting impression
better than the one they left in five
years ago.


Ambuli Victor


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