Samsung releases a lot of devices —
that much is certain. Each year, it
seems they push out dozens of
smartphones, and we’re not even
going to try and discern how many
tablets there are from Samsung
right now. Even with so many (often
decent if not really good) devices
from Samsung, their flagships still
loom large. The Galaxy S5 is nearing
it’s life cycle as a flagship device,
which has given way to rampant
Galaxy S6 speculation and rumors.
This time, we’re talking release date.
According to South Korean news
outlet Daum, The latest Galaxy S
flagship from Samsung will arrive in
March. The timing is a bit off from
Samsung’s typical release timeframe,
but there’s good reason for that.
Mobile World Congress is in March
of 2015, and it’s believed Samsung
will push out their latest flagship
around that time. Samsung typically
announces their phone during MWC,
but this report is saying Samsung
wants to push their devices to
market in the same month. MWC
happens in early March, so Samsung
could be looking for a late March
release of their flagship device.
Daum also says the Galaxy S6 will
have a curved display, much like we
find with the Note Edge. That screen
is also said to have the same
resolution as the Galaxy Note 4 does
(2560 x 1440). A Snapdragon 810
processor is also rumored to be
It’s all rumor, obviously, but it’s not
out of the ordinary, either. MWC
typically happens in February, and
Samsung likes to release devices in
April. A slightly later announcement
and moved-up release date only
serve to capitalize on the energy
created with their latest flagship
device, which could be pretty

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