Keeping your devices charged can be
a hassle, depending on how often
you’re out and about. Most issues
are solved by carrying around a USB
cable for those opportune moments
when a charging slot is available,
but the cable itself is unwieldy. You
can go with a spring-loaded
charging cable to reduce the bulk,
but if you forget to put it back in
your bag or grab it before going out,
you’re back to square one. That is
where the new inCharge charger
comes in.
The inCharge is a simple device
available in both micro USB and
Lightning varieties, covering the
needs of most users out there. It
features a short flexible middle
piece of cable between two magnetic
end pieces. When not in use, the
cable can be looped through a key
ring and snapped together.
When snapped into place, the entire
unit measures in at 1.5-inches long
and 7mm wide. It is being offered in
a rainbow of colors, as well,
including orange, lime, black, grey,
white, pink, purple, and cyan.
InCharge has seen ample success on
Indiegogo, where it was put up as a
project in search of $20,000 in
funding. The campaign has far
exceeded that thus far, currently
sitting at just under $140,000 USD
with 20 days remaining in the
funding period. A pledge of at least
$9 USD will get you one inCharge


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