So you’re all about the newest thing
in the Facebook universe, right? You
want to get in on all the newest
software in the social networking
globosphere as fast as possible,
correct? You’re in luck – we’re got
news for you. This is Facebook Say
Thanks. It’s a system in which you’ll
use Facebook to send a video to your
best friend, thanking them for
whatever you need to thank them
for. Thank them for the Say Thanks
video they just sent you, if you really
And what’s better than a new
Facebook feature? A new Facebook
feature that launches on your
smartphone at the same time as it
does on your desktop computer. This
system will be launched today with a
video recording console and a SHARE
Facebook’s site for the system,
Facebook.com/Thanks will be
launched this afternoon. At the time
this article is published, it’s not yet
Each video you record will be tagged
with your friends’ name or names
and will be posted to your timeline.
It’s very similar to the normal video
recording system, but here will be
directed at your friends with a
“thanks” theme attached.
It’s simple, it’s fresh, and it’s ready
to roll for the holiday season. Have
at it, and don’t forget to thank your
friends for the thanks they thank
you with!
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