Whatsapp was the best thing ever
happened to us, at least after
twitter; Freedom of social media
choosing who to give audience and
who not to. It rolled out, it was free,
efficient and a great communication
and sharing platform. What an
innovation Koum and Acton!
I however thing party time is over;
you are definitely weird if did not
understand the agreement
WhatsApp first put out there before
you downloaded the app. Do not
call WhatsApp a hoax because it is
not. This is how it was supposed to
be; One year after your download,
you must pay an annual fee of $0.99
isn’t that fair? Okay, I know the
sound of additional bills does not
feel right. However, just look at the
bigger picture. What the app does
for you and how reliable it is at the
same time.
People will always react to change
and this has resulted to the
circulation of a long message that is
meant to show concern (be against
WhatsApp) and at the same time
show you the ropes of escaping


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