With the release of the Samsung
Galaxy Note Edge in Germany comes
proof that Samsung needs to do
something BRAND NEW with their
Galaxy S lineup. Earlier this year –
soon after the Galaxy Note Edge was
announced – Samsung announced
they’d be bringing the Note Edge to
Germany. On one condition: they’d
have to vote on it. More than
120,000 votes later and Samsung
seems pleased – the device will
indeed be heading for Deutschland
in a single, full release this Autumn.
But what’s this got to do with the
Galaxy S6?
The Galaxy Note Edge was revealed
with some heavy question marks
above the heads of the press. Why
would Samsung release a device like
this when their first curved-screen
device, the Galaxy Round , was given
such a tiny release?
Because, dear reader, we weren’t
ready for that technology in October
of 2013 when the device was first
released. Now with the Edge, we are.
Here’s what the Samsung Galaxy S6
is rumored to be rolling with at this
point in its development. Upgrades,
yes, but still just a standard
Display: ?-inch 2560 x 1440
(QuadHD, aka 2K)
Camera (back): 16-megapixel, OIS,
4K recording
Camera (front): 5-megapixel
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon
810 inside USA, Exynos 7420 outside
– both 64-bit
OS: Android 5.0 Lollipop
Storage: 32, 64, 128GB internal
Micro-SD: 128GB microSD/SDHC slot
Don’t you want something more?
We’re tired of flat screens, we’re
tired of the biggest innovations
being software-based. We’re tired of
incremental updates, we’re tired of
buttons being moved to different
locations on the phone. We’re tired
of minor camera boosts, we’re tired
of just butting up against the
It’s time, Samsung. You have the
cash, you have the fanbase, and
you’ve set a precedent.
It’s time for you to create something
The Samsung Galaxy S6 should be
something like nothing we’ve ever
seen before. It should take a risk,
and it should do things we never
expected a smartphone to do.
What do you say, readers? Is it time
for Samsung to pull out all the


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