All nine people aboard a small
plane were killed after it crashed
Sunday on approach to the island of
Grand Bahama, the government of
the Bahamas said.
The crash happened as people
gathered on the island for an
annual Christian leadership
conference, the Associated Press
Myles Munroe (Image source:
The Bahamas Tribune newspaper
that Myles Munroe — a prominent
Bahamian minister who organized
the conference — was among those
killed, the AP said.
Munroe is described by Charisma
News as an internationally-known
author, Bible teacher, governmental
consultant and leadership mentor.
A note on Munroe’s ministry
Facebook page reads: “On behalf of
Myles Munroe International and
ITWLA. We would like to inform you
that the Global Leadership Forum
will continue. The Forum will be for
two and a half days (Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday morning).
This is what Dr. Munroe would have
wanted. Please keep his family and
the ministry in prayers.”
The Lear 36 Executive Jet had
departed from Nassau, according to
a statement from the Ministry of
Transport and Aviation, the AP said.
The plane crashed about 5 p.m.
local time while attempting to land
at Grand Bahama International
Airport, the AP said.
The Department of Civil Aviation
reported that the plane was
destroyed, the statement said. The
cause of the crash is unknown, but
the AP added that there had been
heavy rain in the area.
Police and rescue teams were on the
scene and a full investigation was to
begin at daylight.


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