Swaziland’s King Offers Virgins $18 a Month to Save Themselves For Him

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King Mswati IIISwaziland plans to pay girls about $18 a month for abstaining from sex, according to local reports.

The programme, reportedly approved by King Mswati III, is intended to reduce HIV transmission in a country with one of the highest HIV transmission rates in the world.

But critics claim the flamboyant ruler – who already has 15 wives – is simply trying to ensure any future brides are disease-free.

Details have to be established about how the girls will be monitored to ensure they are not having sex.

Swazi virgins usually only hit the headlines when tens of thousands of them dance topless before the king at the annual Reed Dance.

Each year the 46-year old, sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch chooses a virgin as his new wife from the ceremony.

Last month, he selected a 19-year-old to be his 15th wife.

The programme, reportedly financed by the World Bank, will offer…

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