How to get Kenya Power planned outages/shutdowns alerts via E-mail, Twitter or SMS PowerAlert service

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The PowerAlert service consolidates all planned outages/shutdowns in a single portal for customers to effectively plan their daily activities and help minimise inconveniences that may be caused. You will be required to sign in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account to enjoy the service.

PowerAlert is a location based outage notification service for Kenya Power. Once you sign up, you can subscribe/monitor certain locations, for example ‘South C’. When a scheduled outage is detected in any of your locations, you will be notified via E-mail, Twitter or SMS.

Here are the 2 steps to activate the services:

Step 1​: Sign up

kp1​Go to

​Sign Up with either your Google or Twitter Account. We do not store your password on our servers, we will only know your e-mail or twitter handle.

Step 2​: Choose alerts/notification delivery mode​

kp2Add to locations whose power outages you wish to monitor. These…

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