Cord’s Impending Political Storm on the Historic Saba Saba Day could mark the beginning of the Third and Final LIberation of the Country

The Real Deal


Judging from the ongoing political agitations in the Country, there is no doubt that the historic Saba Saba day is well remembered and regarded in Kenya’s political history. It was on the 7th day of July 1991 when the Country’s veteran politicians attempted to gather at Kamukunji grounds in Nairobi to demand political and Constitutional reforms in the Country. On the political front, the reformists were led by the Late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, the then doyen of Kenya’s opposition politics. Other political luminaries of the time included the late Masinde Muliro, the late Martin Shikuku, George Nthenge, Ahmed Bamahriz, Philip Gachoka, etc. They were backed by a group of young turks comprising of James Orengo, Paul Muite, Gitobu Imanyara, Anyang Nyongo, Ouma Muga, the Late Kijana Wamalwa, Japheth Shamalla etc. The Church groups led by Bishop Dr. Henry Okulu, Rev. Dr. Timothy Njoya and Dr. David Gitari…

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WEIRD JOBS: Meet the man whose job is to smell stuff at NASA before they go to space


As staff sniffer at Nasa, George
Aldrich holds surely one of the
weirdest jobs going, having
spent nearly 40 years smelling
any and every object before it
goes into space.
A typical day of toxicity and
odour testing sees George
sniffing books, hats, glues,
watches and more, from
everyday items to specialised
space equipment.
While it might seem peculiar,
Aldrich’s job is of vital
importance, because even the
smallest smell can hang around
for years and years on a space
station, and as the Science
Channel explains in a profile of
him, that not only affects the
astronauts’ usefulness but can
also make them sick.
“If George fails to identify just
one problematic pong, a whole
mission could be in jeopardy,” it
“Here on the ground if there’s
some kind of a foul odour –
maybe someone was in the
bathroom or cut an onion open –
it eventually…

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