Why NACADA banned shisha flavours in Kenya


Nineteen shisha flavours that
were found to contain bhang,
heroin and cocaine have today
been banned by the National
Campaign Drug Abuse in
conjunction with the Ministry of
Health today.
The 19 Shisha flavours include:
Al fakher strawberry flavor,Al
fakher orange flavor, Al fakher
two apples with mint flavor,Al
fakher vanilla flavor,Al fakher
two appeals flavor,Al fakher
guava flavor,Al fakher orange
with mint flavor,Al fakher
orange flavor(positive for
kuber,formulated kuber(positive
for morphine) nakhla molasses
tobacco apple flavor, strong
formulated shisha cocktail,
medium formulated shisha
cocktail, mild formulated shisha,
Al fakher energy drink flavor, Al
fakher packet strawberry flavor
and al fakher chocolate with
mint flavor are the banned
Addressing the press in his
office today, NACADA chairman
John Mututho said that the
products should be withdrawn
from the market immediately.
“All the 19 products stand
banned with immediate effect
and anyone caught consuming
these products should be taken

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