MUGO WA WAIRIMU: I had sex with dead bodies at the mortuary


Well, I was 17 and was very
curious as to what necrophilia
was all about.
From the time I was about 15, I
have been very interested in
the subject
and when the opportunity
arose I jumped right on it.
# could you explain more
about how you first got access
# to a corpse? have you
ever known any others? who
# introduced you to how
to get corpses and what
# precautions to take?
The first time I got a corpse I
broke into a morgue. I was
scared shitless.
I was kinda introduced to
necrophilia by a girl who had a
strong necro-
fetish. We did alot of shit like
the whole play-dead thing,
making each
other bleed, etc. But as far as
obtaining corpses, I was all on
my own.
# what has your
experience been like? years of
# sex with corpses?
problems and…

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