Black Stars: Government To Establish Committee To Look Into Disgraceful World Cup Happenings

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President Mahama has emphasized the need to establish a committee to  investigate the circumstances that led to the elimination of the Black Stars from the World Cup Tournament.

The Ghana Black Stars failed to make it past the first round at 2014 World Cup after they were defeated by Portugal in their final group game.

According to him, the decision to fuse the old players with the new ones partly contributed to the loss.

“Often you get to a junction where you have a new breed of players coming up and you have senior players and you try to weld them together. Sometimes the welding leads to very great success but sometimes too it leads to a few problems,” the President explained.

Addressing the press in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea President Mahama noted that “we [Ghana] need to look at the team as a whole. We need to set up a committee to look…

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