Wenger must buy or we move to Wanyama’s SOTON

Mwanabunduki BLOG

Wenger must buy or we move to Wanyama’s SOTON
by Mwanabunduki e-mail: mwanabunduki@gmail.com
It was a warm Saturday evening at the reception area of the Whitesands hotel in Mombasa, when he walked towards where I was seated. He then stretched his hands towards mine and shook them very hard, “Niaje mwanabunduki” He said.
I was surprised; I never thought someone like him would recognize me by that name. I laughed so hard then asked him who told him about that name. That’s my pen name; it’s only my editor and perhaps a few friends who knows about it.
He then laughed it off and said “si mimi husoma GAME YETU na kuna story ya harambee stars uliandika juzi nikauliza uliza huyo mwanabundiku ni nani nikaambiwa ni wewe, unado job poa buda”
I was speaking to Kenya’s latest billionaire Victor Wanyama. His move from Celtic to Southampton…

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