South Africa: Former President Thabo Mbeki Loses Mum

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Mbeki_2338890bFormer President of South Africa, Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki has lost his 98-year-old mother in East London.

Mrs. Epainette Mbeki until her demise on Saturday morning, was admitted to a hospital in East London with complains about shortness of breath.

She had been kept at the hospital for two weeks.

Epainette Mbeki was born in February 1916 in Mangoloaneng at Mount Fletcher, Transkei.

She taught at the Taylor Street Secondary School after being educated at the Mariazell Mission, the Lovedale Teachers college and graduating from the Adams College in Durban.

She taught with Govan Mbeki, whom she later married. In 1937, Epainette Mbeki became the second black woman to join the Communist Party of SA, after Josie Palmer.

President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma in a statement on Saturday extended his condolence to the Mbeki family while describing the late Mrs. Mbeki as a  “fiercely outspoken on political and socio-economic issues…

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