The University of Nairobi may be
the best ranked among the
Kenyan public Universities
according to Webometricts
report 2012. However, an
investigation by the Standard
Media has provided shocking
revelations on prostitution
undertakings at the institution.
The report alleges that some
students, both male and female
and even the lecturers engage
themselves in the vice. While a
good percentage of the students
work hard on their academic
work, others opt to take the
shortcut and collude with
lectures who in turn award them
good grades in exchange for
sexual favors.
A student interviewed by a
standard media journalist at the
institution (name withheld for
privacy) confessed that
prostitution is rife at the
institution. She went further to
admit that she and her friends
do occasionally engage in the act
mostly at night. She also
disclosed that some girls
transform themselves into
prostitutes and frequent joints
and streets where they seekā€¦

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