Do the nasty. Get down to
business. Screw. Shag.
Root. Bonk.
For every silly nickname we
use for sex, there’s a totally
legit reason why you should
be having more of it. To
prove our point, we’ve
pulled together a
comprehensive list of the
mind-boggling benefits of
hitting the sheets.
From boosting your
immune system to
releasing aggression, here
are the many ways it pays
to play dirty.
1. US endocrinologists at
Columbia University found
that women who have sex
at least once a week have
more regular menstrual
cycles than those who are
less sack-happy.
2. Sex makes you happier
than money does, according
to a recent US study.
3. Work off those Mars Pods
without hitting the
treadmill. One 30-minute roll
in the hay burns about
4. Avoid cracking the shits
at work. Nookie helps the
brain produce neuro-
transmitters, chemical
messengers that help
mellow our moods.

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