INDIA GANG-RAPE: Inside the indian village that two girls were brutaly raped and hanged to death


The horror that fell like darkness
upon Katra Sadatganj was
contained within the photograph
that Sohan fumbled from his
pocket. It was an inch square and
showed two young girls, one
dressed in green, the other in
vibrant pink, hanging from a tree
on the edge of the village. The
girls’ heads tilted slightly
downwards where the nooses
fashioned from their own scarves
dug into their throats. One of
them was Sohan’s daughter, the
other a niece.
Sohan, 55, is a tiny bird of a man
and his frame shook as he
sobbed. No words could explain
what he had felt shortly before
sunrise on Wednesday when he
was taken to the orchard of 13
mango trees and shown what
had befallen the two cousins.
“We had gone there at 4.30am,”
said the agricultural labourer.
“The police had said they were
dead and hanging. The police
would not let us…

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