BIZZARE COURT CASES: From a man suing wife for sex to university student expelled for smelly feet


Lag sues himself for
millions over booze
Prisoner Robert Lee Brock
sued HIMSELF for £2.3million,
claiming he had violated his
civil rights by getting drunk.
Brock, serving time for
robbery, claimed his religion
forbade him from boozing.
But he said his arrest for
grand larceny came after he
“partook of alcoholic
He said the US government
should pay as he could not
work while in jail in Virginia.
A judge dismissed the case
but praised Brock’s
“innovative approach”.
Refusal to have sex
with me is ageism
Playboy Rolf Eden sued a
teenager for ageism in 2007
as she would not sleep with
German strip club owner
Eden, right, then 77, was
turned down by Katharina
Weiss, 19, after wooing her
with champagne.
Eden claimed to have bedded
up to 3,000 women. Before
dropping the lawsuit, he said:
“It was shattering. No
woman ever said that to me

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